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ICURO | Empowering people and business to lead the intelligence age.

Empowering you to lead intelligence age


What We Do


The disruptive era of digital and physical world convergence defining new industries is upon us. A unified set of hardware and software capabilities are required to enhance decision making, reinvent business models, and personalize the customer experience. We have reached the point where the synthesis of machine learning and human curation has the potential to completely reshape businesses and ecosystems. Our cross-disciplined team of industry practitioners, artificial intelligence system specialists, and strategic partners are constantly working together in building enterprise-graded intelligent technology platforms and deliver innovative business use cases.

ICURO Accelerators are intelligent technology platforms for businesses. Built with artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, advanced sensors, edge computing processors, robotics, these platforms offer autonomous decision-making capabilities at the core as well as intelligence at the edge. It unleashes new business models fueled by artificial intelligence and actionable insight harvested from a global network of interconnected and intelligent people and things. These accelerators help enterprises deploy cross-industry solutions to secure new revenue streams, drive innovation, reduce risk, and lower cost.

Autonomous Platform

Edge Intelligence Platform

Technology Labs

The convergence of hardware and software has reached a tipping point, where the two are no longer mutually exclusive. We are starting to see a mirrored dependency growing where hardware and software systems are working more closely together than ever, blurring the line between them so that the capabilities of one are linked to the capabilities the other. The most obvious example of the hardware-software convergence is in the burgeoning world of autonomous systems, which spans large scale systems like smart manufacturing to smaller entities like autonomous fleets where the overall system works like one large hardware device. As technology professionals, it is important to stay ahead of these trends to ensure your skills are up-to-date with emerging technologies- or else you risk falling behind.

ICURO Technology Labs leverages the unprecedented advancement in autonomous technologies and brings it to professionals in an enterprise-grade environment. The focus is on unifying the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, internet of things, blockchain, and cyber security to solve real world business problems. In these labs, our team combined with strategic partners develop industry best practices for incorporating autonomous systems in large enterprises, including developing proof-of-concepts, and cutting-edge industry use cases. These labs provide a sand-box environment for clients to apply autonomous systems to augment their workforce and shape new ideas to grow their businesses.

Machine Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence


Meet Our Experts

Leadership team brings in the combined business and technology transformation expertise to lead the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. In this era of disruptive technologies shaping new businesses, people still comes first. Our people foundation is built with an ever-expanding group of experts who-be they industry practitioners, artificial intelligence system specialists, hardware-software convergence experts, and  strategic partners and consultants-all connected in a hands-on network to deliver AI business outcomes. We are inspired by the future of autonomous technologies but grounded in building AI system level competencies. We are passionate to mentor individuals and help businesses shape cross-industry growth opportunities to stay ahead. Visit accelerators and labs section of this website to learn more about our unique set of AI capabilities for enterprises and people.

Moenes Iskarous, Ph.D

Moenes Iskarous, Ph.D

Embedded AI and machine learning chief scientist, Executive board advisor

Bernard Murphy, D. Phil

Bernard Murphy, D. Phil

AI evangelist in semiconductor industry, Executive board advisor

Bipin Thomas, M.S

Bipin Thomas, M.S

AI business practitioner in intelligent ecosystems, Founder and president

Larry Haas, M.B.A

Larry Haas, M.B.A

AI strategic transformation ace and thought leader, Executive board advisor

Radhakrishnan, M.S

Radhakrishnan, M.S

Enterprise technology senior executive and business strategist, Executive board chair

Mahesh Kodumudi, M.S, M.B.A

Mahesh Kodumudi, M.S, M.B.A

Enterprise senior executive and supply chain strategist, Executive board advisor

Volha Hancharova

Volha Hancharova

AI talent readiness initiatives, University of California Santa Cruz student advisor

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Strategic Partners

We value hardware and software partnerships to discover, develop, and deploy the future of autonomous systems

Accelerate your career in autonomous technology systems
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