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A human-centered technology innovation organization formed in the Midwest. Partnered with Fortune 500 corporations and iconic enterprises in smart manufacturing and digital health ecosystems to deliver innovative solutions and services. The company name I standing for intelligence and the Latin word CURO meaning caring for people, portrays our mission towards empowering people and businesses to lead the intelligence age. In 2017, reinvented ourselves in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Today our capabilities expand into autonomous systems that merges the best of human ingenuity with machine intelligence.

Making a Difference

We aim to be the best at everything we do—to help people and businesses realize their ambitions; to make a positive difference in the community; and to maximize the success of our people. This drive fuels the commitment and humanity that run deep through our every action.

Our core value is people first. We are focused on developing our people and contributing to the future of businesses and communities. That’s what makes us truly different. We exist to deliver value to society. What truly defines us is our people who are always passionate to make an impact that matters in the world.


Meet Our Experts

Leadership team brings in the combined business and technology transformation expertise to lead the intelligence revolution. In this era of disruptive technologies shaping new businesses, people still comes first. Our people foundation is built with an ever-expanding group of experts who-be they industry practitioners, hardware-software convergence experts, and technology platform specialists, partners, consultants-all connected in a hands-on network to deliver business technology outcomes. We are inspired by the future of autonomous technologies but grounded in building expertise. We are passionate to mentor individuals and help businesses shape cross-industry growth opportunities to stay ahead. Visit accelerators and labs section of this website to learn more about our unique set of capabilities for enterprises and people.

Rudy Carlson

Rudy Carlson

Smart manufacturing practitioner, autonomous systems, 35+ years experience

Nancy Zander

Nancy Zander

Digital healthcare management, health systems, 32+ years experience

Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim

Consumer technology practitioner, interactive AI platforms, 27+ years experience

Bipin Thomas

Bipin Thomas

Business technologist, emerging intelligent ecosystems, 29+ years experience

Launch new business models fueled by connected intelligence..
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Strategic Partners

We value hardware and software partnerships to discover, develop, and deploy the future of autonomous systems

Accelerate your career in autonomous technology systems..
We help people lead!



3350 Scott Boulevard Bldg. 53 #5301
Santa Clara, CA 95054

(408) 816-7110


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