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Autonomous system accelerators

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system accelerators

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Autonomous Platform

Autonomous platform unifies the power of people, machines, and the latest advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. The autonomous systems approach is transforming every industry, from automotive to retail. It requires an extensive infrastructure of high performance computing, and connectivity. It is capable to recognize the broader context that it is operating within and respond accordingly, making autonomous decisions or providing data-driven recommendations to users.

The combination of contextual perception and sensor fusion is paving the way for machines to learn and engage with real time intelligence capabilities – all in a way that works seamlessly together and intuitively for all industry stakeholders.

We implement artificial intelligence driven systems approach for enterprise and industrial applications, and autonomous fleet management. It means equipping enterprises and machines with full systems, not components, with new autonomous capabilities. Both hardware and software combined is recognized as a single product architecture in its own right. We have implemented an adaptive testing framework for autonomous systems to self-correct faults and ensure reliability under various unanticipated circumstances. Machine learning techniques in the form of evolutionary algorithms and reinforcement learning are applied to learn the minimal number of faults that cause minimal or failed behavior of an autonomous system which is under the control of autonomy software.

Edge Intelligence Platform

Edge intelligence platform acquires and analyzes real time data from Internet of Things (IoT) based products to deliver actionable intelligence at the edge of network, near the source of data. It integrates sophisticated technologies such as advanced analytics, security, and mobility on an edge computing device. This reduces the communication bandwidth required between sensors and the central data center by performing analytics and intelligence generation at or near the source of data.

Edge computing unlocks the business value of IoT data in a secured framework. This edge computing architecture involve a large number of independent nodes that can autonomously execute business logic and computations, including security analytics, without a centralized authority.

We deliver hardware and software platform that enables intelligence at the edge of the IoT while maintaining built-in support for cloud connectivity, services, and applications for industrial IoT, digital health, smart farming, and smart buildings. We have skillfully chosen the right sensors, devices, and machines to operate in a secured IoT network. With a properly planned computing device and architecture, less data has to travel the network resulting in less bottlenecks freeing up the infrastructure. Implemented secure hash algorithms to enhance security of the edge network. The edge intelligence platform can be configured locally, with no intervention from the cloud but also knows when to use the cloud. We offer our experts and tools that allow organizations to exploit and deploy the power and possibilities of the edge intelligence platform.

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