About us


The company name 'I' stands for Intelligence and Latin word "CURO" means caring for people, embodies our mission towards empowering people to lead the age of intelligence. A Silicon Valley company that specializes in fully integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) products for accelerating enterprise growth outcomes. Recognized leader in the rapid development and deployment of enterprise AI solutions by fully integrating hardware and software, and data.

Who we are

  • A human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) technology products and solutions company.
  • Launched the world's first enterprise-grade Al systems lab in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.
  • Made significant investments in enterprise-grade Al hardware, semiconductors, sensors, and infrastructure.
  • Delivered wide range of Al solutions that merges the best of human ingenuity with machine intelligence
  • Deployed Al powered business models and use cases for revenue growth across industries.
  • We empower you to lead the age of intelligence!

Our Mission

Our core value is people first and we exist to deliver value to society.

We focus on developing our people and leading the future of Alpowered businesses and communities.

What truly defines us is our people who are always passionate tomake an impact that matters in the world.